THE CLOWN IS THE ROUTE


A way of exploring oneself and the world in joy.         


The clown lives in an emergency situation.
Reality forces him every moment to find a new answer.
He begins to think, and it is already too late.
Only the wisdom of the body saves him.
This is precisely where his creative genius lies,
enabling him to reinvent his life permanently.

Living is above all a breath.
Listen first to your breath and you will find out who you are.
Here is the motto of the clown:
"Play, be happy together and avoid the lie (life breaker). "

In group workshop or individually. Languages: FR, NE, EN

Ideal for the company: The clown stimulates the team-building and the creative spirit of each one.

It promotes dialogue between generations: Grandparents, parents, children will play together with each red nose in the middle of the face.

The clown takes you where you are; innocent, beginners, advanced, professional or not.
Be bold. Unveil yourself for the pleasure of all.

Benoît de Moffarts

Born in Hasselt, Belgium in 1960.
In the early nineties he graduated from two theater schools of Movements and Improvisations ", ECOLES LASSAAD and KLEINE AKADEMIE. In the mid 90s, he attended several seminars in "Family Constellation" with Christiane Singer. Subsequently, he was trained in "The Initiatic Therapy" created by Karlfried Graf Dürckheim and Maria Hypius
This personal and artistic research will gradually form the basis of his current work, namely
“clown courses for adults”. There he shares the fruits of his experience in the form of very concrete keys that can awaken the creative potential in every person.
From there, will start more than 30 years of personal and artistic research which will gradually form the basis of his work