The Clown

A different approach to discover yourself and the world with joy

Benoît de Moarts obtained his training as director and actor from L’Ecole Lassaad and the Kleine Akademie, both based in Brussels. Moreover, he has 15 years of experience with “initiation” therapy seminars at the Centre Dürckheim in Germany’s Black Forest region – from which he has developed his own unique self-help methodology which is applicable to all age groups.

Combining both individual and group exercises, Benoît guides his clients toward a rediscovery of their own “wisdom of the body” via several techniques.

For example, his technique known as the
organisational constellation literally deconstructs a central problem or challenge into its constituent components of subject-verb-object. Here the individual is led to verbalise how a problem’s components do – or don’t – relate to one another, and why. Understanding their relationship to one another opens the door to a more creative approach to life in general.

Complementary to this approach is Benoît’s “theatre of movement” based on improvisation and the use of
the neutral mask. Here the participant inculcates the impact of his or her emotions as transmitted through the body, leading to a sharper understanding of one’s capacity for self-actualisation. The higher resulting self-awareness enables the individual to frame better responses to reality and life’s daily challenges.

Based on this dynamic’s steady progression, participants will develop their true potential for:
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Conflict-resolution
  • ...

Benoît de Moffarts

Born in Hasselt, Belgium in 1960. In the early nineties he graduated from two theater schools of Movements and Improvisations ", ECOLES LASSAAD and KLEINE AKADEMIE. In the mid 90s, he attended several seminars in "Family Constellation" with Christiane Singer. Subsequently, he was trained in "The Initiatic Therapy" created by Karlfried Graf Dürckheim and Maria Hypius.
This personal and artistic research will gradually form the basis of his current work, namely
“clown courses for adults”. There he shares the fruits of his experience in the form of very concrete keys that can awaken the creative potential in every person.
From there, will start more than 30 years of personal and artistic research which will gradually form the basis of his work.
The saying "Know Yourself", which is essential in any creative process, can become reality.